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>> it's worth reducing fractional MP to their lowest terms
> I've been thinking that, but it's probably better to the 
> constant divider, so that when one moves 1/6 cost road, unit 
> moves left go: [...]
Well, hm.

On the one hand, not dividing it down shows the 'bones' of the ruleset in help
like "Moving along River costs 3/9 MP". If most of the ruleset is based on 1/3
MP and 1/9 is reserved for some special case, forcing everything to n/9 looks

On the other hand, expecting people to do fractional arithmetic to interpret
how many moves they have left might be a bit much.
Really what you wanted when a unit's moving along a road is appropriate steps
for that road; [G]oto will tell you how many tiles you can move.

Well, attached patch reduces unconditionally so you can see what it looks
Perhaps I could another flag to move_points_text() controlling whether
reduction is done, so that unit MP is reported without reduction but other
contexts have it?

(file #21015, file #21016)

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