Summary: civ2civ3: increased fuel of air units
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            Submitted on: lun 16 jun 2014 15:55:37 UTC
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In freeciv it is not possible to see figther to fighter battles because their
fuel value of 1.
In civ1 or civ2, if I'm right, the fighters placed on a city attacked
automatically to incoming air units, and they gave defensive bonus to the city
against air attacks. But I think those features are not available in freeciv.

This patch is an alternative solution to allow the use of fighters in battles
for air control:
- Increased fuel of all Air units by one.
- All Air unit lose 10% of HPs, like helicopters, when they end out of city or
- Increased range of Missiles to 16, so it is greater than movement of Stealth

I have been playing this way for some time and I like it, but I'm still not
sure about all the possible implications of this change.

Talking about it with online players, someone suggested to enable ZoC for air
units in this case.
Do you know if it is possible, or planned, that air units are only affected by
ZoC from other air units. Or naval units only by ZoC from other naval units?


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