Follow-up Comment #2, patch #4806 (project freeciv):


- Readjusted terrain transformations. Designed so all useful alterations can
be finished in 1 or 2 steps, and all effects from Global warming can be
reversibly with terraforming.
- Allowed early transformation from Forest to Grassland, so it is possible to
transform Grass->Forest->Plain, and also Plain->Forest->Grass, with same
working time (25).
- Restored Food output of Deep oceans, so Global warming does not affect
Oceans that much. Now oceans transformed to deep ocean would only lose their
- Harbors and Offshore Platform can be built adjacent to any oceanic tile
again (same as classic rules), so Global warming does not affect them.
- Reduced irrigation times in Swamps and Jungles. They represent the drainage
of wetlands.
- Re-enabled terraforming from Mountains to Hills, and from Grassland to
It is still possible to transform any terrain to Hills by changing them to
Forest first.

They look like a lot of changes, but most of them are restored to classic
values, and the rest will hardly affect the gameplay until the Global warming
is triggered.

(file #21056)

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