Follow-up Comment #11, bug #22194 (project freeciv):

> I think this patch had also internal conflict of goals. You 
> calculate denomlen for the constant denominator, but then you 
> display MP reduced to lowest terms. So if move_fragments = 10, 
> you get denomlen == strlen("10") == 2, but in case of 2/10 
> display just 1/5. 
That's deliberate; when 'align' is requested, it's because there's going to be
a whole fixed-width table of these, so alignment has to assume the worst case.
(This is used only in the tables of veteran properties.)

Veteran level      Power factor   Move bonus
green                      100%      -      
veteran                    150%      +  1/20
hardened                   175%      +  1/ 5
elite                      200%    + 2 11/20

> you seem to have forgotten part of CodingStyle that says that 
> there's empty line between declaration of variables and actual 
> code.
Oops, I hadn't internalised that (despite going over all of CodingStyle
recently). Will see if an opportunity arises to fix.


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