Follow-up Comment #14, patch #4608 (project freeciv):

Updated patch for TRUNK:

- Added Trench and Airfield bases, as pre-requisite for Fortress and Airbase,
in order to prevent the construction of full bases in one single turn.
- Airbases and Fortresses can be built on river tiles again.

It may look like a complicated way to prevent the construction of fast bases,
but I see the alternative bases as a new feature that could be useful in some
For example, when you want to protect a working engineer placed next to the
coast, it might be better to use a simple trench that gives some defensive
bonus but does not protect from killstack, so it is not a menace for possible
disembark of enemy armies.
In the same way, it might be better to build trenchs or aifields in the tiles
adjacent to your cities, instead of full fortresses or airbases that could be
more dangerous if captured by the enemy.

(file #21069)

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