Follow-up Comment #7, patch #4739 (project freeciv):

>While setting this system up, one thing to consider is savegame
From now on, I'll try to take into acount these compatibility issues. I'll
also use as guide for new patches the idea that a game started with a freeciv
version should be playable with newer versions.

I agree it might be good to use a different name for this alternative
"experimental civ2civ3". I'm not good making up new names, let me know if
someone have an idea.

>We already have separate classic ruleset available for those who want those
rules, so I wouldn't give much weight to request to make it "more like the
rules we're used to" unless accompanied with other more serious reasons.

I tend to agree, but at same time, as you said, classic rules have proved to
be a good set of rules that many people like, so, when I'm in doubt if a
change introduced to civ2civ3 is a good idea or not, then reverting to classic
rules use to be a good alternative.

Also, the parts of the game that have not changed compared to classic rules
will keep a similar balance, and any improvement to classic rules (for example
new mods, or multiplayer packs) could be easely exported to civ2civ3.


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