Follow-up Comment #9, patch #4739 (project freeciv):

> If not, I worry maintaining synchronisation may be a burden.

I've been keeping a couple of rulesets synchronized with freeciv TRUNK. I also
have updated some rulesets from freeciv release to freeciv release. I can tell
that latter is *much* easier. Though the step is bigger, it's just one step
and you can copy stuff (such as documentation comments) from other rulesets
quite liberally. Keeping up with trunk can require huge amounts of work,
sometimes really frustratingly requiring readjusting in two weeks things you
just spent a lot of time changing. (After I've gone through all my rulesets
for nreqs -> present=FALSE, I really am not looking forward any further
adjustments to this in 2.6)

As for the "expciv2civ3", I would start it as fork of "civ2civ3" after freeciv
branch has gone to datafile format freeze. Then you don't need to worry about
format changes when maintaining it. Do not even try to update "expciv2civ3"
from one freeciv version to another, but fork it a new from civ2civ3 of each
freeciv branch.

One thing about format changes after freeciv-2.6 (or 3.0, depending where
freeciv-ruledit makes its deput) is that once freeciv-ruledit has been in
end-user use, we can't continue changing the ruleset format as freely as
before. We have to provide way to update old rulesets automatically. Otherwise
freeciv-ruledit is just our way to tell that "here's a gui tool to create
rulesets for freeciv, but anything you create will work with one version of
freeciv only, and then be lost." If someone uses freeciv-ruledit for the
reason they don't/can't do manual editing of the ruleset, update requiring
manual editing would be just complete failure of the tool to provide what it
exist for. Also, manually updating anything saved from freeciv-ruledit would
be even harder than updating manually maintained rulesets, where at least the
formatting is sane and there's documentation comments.


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