Follow-up Comment #2, bug #22158 (project freeciv):

> The way I see it, I think the upkeep should take into acount 
> all the cities from all the players on the same team, as you 
> point.
Thanks for the ruling.

> If the tech upkeep is shared and paid only once per team [...]
There's the rub.

Looking at the code, I think currently you get a random team member's cities
multiplied by the number of team members(!) -- see bug #22058.

Making the obvious change to tech_upkeep_calc() would make upkeep the number
of cities in the team * the number of team members, which is too much
(penalises big teams).

Depending on how bug #22058 turns out, no further code change may be necessary
to get the behaviour we want.

In the meantime, I fear we have to declare the combination of
team_pooled_research and tech_upkeep irretrievably broken, and just remember
that this is the behaviour we want from tech_upkeep_style "Cities" when we get
round to fixing it.
(Since team_pooled_research is enabled by default, that means civ2civ3 team
games will not do the right thing. And we keep finding other bugs when
team_pooled_research is _disabled_.)

Accordingly, dumping this on the "player research" metaticket for now.


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