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Follow-up Comment #14:

>> only in selected situations
> That's the only way to get it always right, I think. Isn't it
> quite simple by adding boolean parameter for move_points_text()?
Attached patch does this, and code now only reduces when talking about unit
types or other ruleset properties in the abstract.

> And now that I read the patch, you seem to have forgotten 
> part of CodingStyle that says that there's empty line between 
> declaration of variables and actual code.
Corrected most of these. However, for the GCD-calculating block, inserting a
blank line to a three-line block seems unnecessarily ugly. I think strict
application of the rule to non-function-body blocks like this discourages
declaring variables at their minimum possible scope.

persia wrote (comment #5):
>> My concern was with rulesets that set SINGLE_MOVE to 0,
> You're right, this should be an error at ruleset load time 
> (probably also for igter_cost).
Now patch #4834.

(file #21110, file #21111)

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