Follow-up Comment #5, patch #1341 (project freeciv):

1) is now tested, and indeed works as expected: learning Gunpowder causes one
to sell all Barracks, even if one has not built any Barracks II

2) Is also tested: attempts to force worklist inclusion of the obsolete
Barracks I in a city containing Barracks II by a player ignorant of Gunpowder
are ignored.

    Further, I've inspected the codepath more closely: while there are guards
in the AI and the client, the server enforces the restriction that only
non-obsolete things may be built: while can_player_build_improvement_direct()
is sometimes called without the caller checking improvement_obsolete(), this
is always checked at some point in the call stack within cityturn.c between
the can_player_build_improvement_direct() call and actually processing the


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