Marko Lindqvist writes:
>  Disasters are mentioned only as ruleset modding feature, disasters
> enabled for supplied rulesets are not. Especially civ1 compatible
> (though the disaster occurrence mechanism is not completely civ1
> compatible) disasters should be there.

Disasters are mentioned in the "for players" section, as the second
thing after the bridge building change (although it doesn't call out
civ1 compatibility specifically):

| Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)
| Rules changes affecting all or most rulesets: 
|  * (not civ2/multiplayer) Cities suffer random disasters such as
|    population loss and building loss. A new server setting 'disasters'
|    controls their frequency, or disables them entirely.

(Did civ2 really not have disasters?)

I've been puzzling a bit over how to make disasters visible in the
in-game help. I don't think such an abstract concept deserves it's own
help section. I suppose we don't mention barbarians either. Perhaps a
few words in the introductory parts of the help of the form
"unpredictable bad things can happen, make your civ robust against them
(or if you don't like them then here are the options to turn them off)".

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