Follow-up Comment #9, bug #22204 (project freeciv):

Indeed, my information was out of date: thank you for the updated reference. 
I can confirm that the patch in file #21222 also builds in my environment, so
also no regressions (for either S2_5 or trunk).

I remain curious about 2.4: as of libqt4-dev 4:4.8.6+dfsg-2, it seems that the
headers are still in /usr/include/qt4 (although moc is in
/usr/lib/$MULTIARCH_TRIPLET/qt4/bin/moc): is this expected to remain the case
for the length of 2.4 support, or do we not really care about building the Qt
client in 2.4 (where it's not very functional)?

Minor nit: the comments have "multiarch_tuble" rather than "multiarch_tuple".


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