Follow-up Comment #2, bug #22252 (project freeciv):

On r25335, I can add some advances, and not others.  Sometimes when adding an
advance, the interface stays red (and shows it not to have been done), but
closing the client and reopening it, or connecting as a global observer in
another client, and using the editor shows the technology to have become
learned.  I believe the restrictions on which I can add are related to
root_req and tech holes concerns.

I tried again, stepping backwards over some likely looking commits.  At
r25288, I was able to add arbitrary technologies, but still with the interface
issues, and the need to disconnect and reconnect for the editor to see that
the technology was learned (but I could grant "Advanced Flight" to an ignorant

At r25201, everything appears to work fine.  Testing again with r25202 leads
me to suspect patch #4769 as that which introduced the interface issues.


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