Follow-up Comment #1, bug #22159 (project freeciv):

> the use of root_reqs. But S2_4 uses them too
Wait, no it doesn't, we took them out at the last minute.

Anyway. On S2_5, removing the root_reqs from the experimental ruleset removes
the slowdown.

It seems somehow related to which or how many root_reqs there are. If I remove
root reqs from every tech in the ruleset in order up to but not including
Automobile, it's still slow. Additionally removing from Automobile makes it
noticeably faster. Just removing Automobile's root_req and leaving all the
others makes it noticeably faster (not sure if by the same amount).

This slowness seems correlated with a delay starting the game (spawned server
so can't tell if it's in client or server).

Can anyone else reproduce this behaviour?


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