Summary: UnitState requirement type with the test
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            Submitted on: Wed 02 Jul 2014 08:51:11 PM UTC
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Add the new requirement type UnitState. UnitState is for checking the
properties of a unit's state. It is intended to be like CityTile, but for
units. The first test, TransportDependent, checks if the unit can't exist
outside a transport on the tile where it currently is located. It uses
!can_unit_exist_at_tile() internally. I expect it to mostly be used with
!present. The reason for the double negative is to make the documentation
easier to write.

The purpose of this test is to later use it to move the spy action's "can't
attack from terrain it can't exist on"-rule to the ruleset. That will make it
easier to move actions that don't have this requirement, like Establish Trade
Route, to be controlled by action enablers.

Note that the rule I wish to move is different from the rule about regular
attacks. Regular attacks check if the tile the unit is located at is native or
not. A spy action check if the unit can exist (outside a transport) on the
tile it is located at.

Alternative approaches:
 * Change the rule to require nativity to do a Spy action. Change this to test
nativity in stead. Consequence: A spy ship in a land city would no longer be
able to act from it (unless the restriction is removed). Consistent with
normal attack.
 * Change the rule to ban actions when transported. Change this test to see if
a unit is transported. Consequence: a land spy transported over land would
have to exit its transport before it could act (unless the restriction is


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