Follow-up Comment #5, bug #22260 (project freeciv):

Per-turn depreciation sounds sensible to me.  if the AI continues to want
something at a moderate level for a long time, it still ends up being wanted a
lot, but if something was wanted a lot for a short time early in the game, and
not wanted anymore, it stops caring.

And indeed, either the wants should be stored in savegame, or they should be
zeroed each turn.  Not saving them and not zeroing them means that recovery
from a savegame may not result in the same game as continued progression from
the point at which the game was saved.  Considering this factor, as much as I
suspect the AI may benefit from tracking wants over multiple turns, it's
probably safer to apply this patch for now, and have a separate trunk-only
patch that does want depreciation and carry-over (with savegame handling).


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