Update of bug #21437 (project freeciv):

                Category:                    None => ai                     
                  Status:                    None => Ready For Test         
         Planned Release:                         => 2.6.0                  


Follow-up Comment #9:

> Currently it always looks for biggest improvement, primarily
> among the worked, and with halved want among non-worked tiles.
> That's correct way to go with worked tiles. City gains more
> from +2 to one tile than +1 to another tile, no matter what are > their
> However, with non-worked tiles it should look for making best
> total so that next tile to get worked produces as much as
> possible. Improvement of +1 on top of 3 would produce better
> total than +2 on top of 1.

Untested patch to achieve these different modes depending on if tile is worked
or not.

Taking this ticket for this improvement as there's no other clearly defined

(file #21283)

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