Follow-up Comment #3, bug #21350 (project freeciv):

> When the core nation set is rigidly enforced [...] our supplied 
> scenarios which specify nation-specific start positions will 
> cause trouble
Oh, past-me, why so vague?

I'm guessing that by "trouble" I meant "looks a bit ugly", in that the game
may have to choose nations which aren't in the scenario, and then match them
to start positions that were designed for someone else; and that there's no
user indication of this until the game starts.

A mitigating factor is the default aifill in the scenario. If that's set so
that there are sufficient 'core' nations to cover, you'll only see the
ugliness if you change it or have very many human players. Otherwise those
start positions which are for non-core nations will never be used with
nationset=core, I think.

Anyway, I came back here to note that bardo tweaked one of the Earth scenarios
under patch #4842 in a way which should improve this.

Survey of the scenarios previously marked as "troublesome":
* british-isles-85x80-v2.80.sav: 1/5 in core; aifill not set, default 5
* earth-160x90-v2.sav: *new* 30/38 in core; aifill 30
* earth-80x50-v3.sav: 16/18 core; aifill 10
* europe-200x100-v2.sav: 16/37 core; aifill 14
* france-140x90-v2.sav: 15/27 core; aifill 18 *ugly*
* north_america_116x100-v1.2.sav: 10/12 core; aifill 12 *ugly*


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