Follow-up Comment #5, bug #22274 (project freeciv):

Using an SQLite database is still working for me, so I'll probably need to
know more about your environment:
* Are there any non-ASCII characters anywhere in sight (in the configuration
file, in its filename, in the database)?
* What does your --Database file look like, and what's it called?
* What OS is the server running on?
* When my --enable-debug server starts, it says: _Encodings: Data=UTF-8,
Local=UTF-8, Internal=UTF-8_. What does yours say (or if you don't have
--enable-debug, do you know what it would say)?
* If you enable LOG_DEBUG level logging, what does it say about database
stuff? (E.g., search for "Database option" to see stuff logged by

The only obvious character set conversion in this area I've found so far is
Windows-specific: filenames are converted with
internal_to_local_string_malloc(), and that can go wrong. That should lead to
simple failure to open a file, though, I think.
(But I haven't investigated if the Lua machinery does some character set
conversion on the Lua interface.)


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