A few tips on the AI ruleset;

In essence, the ruleset means that a human player is going to go one of two 
ways, either they lose early because they cannot develop fast enough to ward 
off hostile AI nations and warred to death or they win because they research 
and develop the opposition to death, the game becomes boring because either 
humans lose early or win in the long term, knowing they are going to win well 
before the actual end.  The AI scores rarely get above 400, so as soon as the 
human reaches a score of 400 they know they are winning, but that is just ⅓ 
into the game itself.

Set out below are some of the reasons why this happens;

Differentiation between different combat units

There seems to be no differentiation between different combat units.  EG a sea 
unit will attack a ground enemy when there is nothing to be gained by it, 
purely because it can and will win and usually because the ground unit is weak. 
 However, in doing so, it will merely weaken itself to counter attack from a 
stronger enemy sea or air unit.  It is very rare for a sea unit to prosper in 
attacking an enemy ground unit outside of a city.

Ruleset change; Sea units attack sea units or cities only.

Ruleset change : A ground or air unit only attacks another unit for an 
objective (defence/attack), at the moment the objective seems irrelevant to the 
decision unless its critical.


It seems that there is too much bias in the ruleset to begin warfare.  Warfare 
is expensive, especially when units are constantly being lost in such warfare, 
it should really and only be a resort once (1) the nation is large enough to 
accommodate it and (2) the nation has the capability of replacing the units 
lost in warfare to the same or similar extent without affecting other 
advancements.  The current system is so warfare orientated that an AI nation 
will almost be happy to commit suicide trying to beat an AI opponent and 
leaving itself completely unready for an attack from elsewhere.

Furthermore, it seems that warfare in one part of the nation is far more 
important than development in another part of the nation.  What happens is that 
two nations with the same border are constantly at war with each other, 
constantly losing units in that war and seemingly never ending the war despite 
the fact that both will be dramatically weakened by war and will lack the 
ability to actually defend against another enemy afterwards and they are so 
concentrating on war that they lose the ability to develop in other areas.  
This has improved with the diplomacy but is still an issue as diplomacy doesn't 
seem to be used by AI very much.

Ruleset change : War should be a last resort not a first decision.  Perhaps 
increase the parameters to make was less appealing.  Also peace should be the 
first objective.

Also, it seems that warfare, once instigated just goes on and on and on, there 
seems to be no period of consolidation, so an AI army will be like locusts, 
going around killing everything it can but leaving very little behind.  Once a 
city is conquered, the AI should consolidate.

Ruleset change : At least 5 turns before the next city is attacked.

Also there is substantial unhappiness due to many military units being outside 
the city fighting elsewhere.  This leads to a city having to cut production in 
order to deal with unhappiness.

Ruleset change : only 1 military unit that is supported by an AI city is 
allowed to leave the city itself.

Lack of research

I find that the AI research seems to shoot along to a certain level and then 
the research slows down dramatically.  The easy way to win is to stay out of 
the battles and make peace until you are way beyond the AI research level and 
then make units that are much stronger (such as stealth bombers).  Research 
should continue as a priority in AI continually but I suspect the AI ruleset 
doesn't put enough emphasis on research and lets it drag at whatever speed it 

Also, every city I build has a university in early build.

Not a single AI city I take over has a University.

That means that I can produce more research from 6 cities than an AI with 20 

Ruleset change : Put more emphasis onto research and less onto warfare.

Lack of proper development of cities

The AI really only gives a city the barest minimum requirements and usually not 
even that.  EG my cities have 25 structures, the ones I take over usually have 
1-2 and maximum 5.  No city I take over has (1) factory, (2) bank, (3) Stock 
Exchange, (4) mass transit, (5) supermarket, (6) super highways, (7) 
sanitation.  Due to this, the AI cities stay very small and don't develop.  
Once my cities are developed, the AI can never take them over or even match 

Ruleset change : Development of cities needs a much higher priority put onto it 
in the ruleset, unless a critical build is required.

Lack of use of the research that has occurred already

Many times I take over a city, it is defended by a Marine (usually many Marines 
and other units), which means that there has been substantial research, but the 
city itself never seems to represent that research and the research level is 
way ahead of where the city development is.  What this means is that the city 
can build good defensive units and has lots of them, but doesn't have the 
ability to produce the right amount of product or money to properly defend 
itself against a continued attack and once the defensive units are gone, the 
city cannot replace them fast enough.

Ruleset change : Unless there is a critical build required, the first build of 
a city should be the most suitable city development that relates to the level 
of research achieved.  Instead of building an AI army, an AI city should build 
a bank.

Roads and railways

It is very rare for an AI nation to build extensive railways, the most they get 
to is purely interconnecting local cities.  Roads & (once researched) Railways 
should be build in every square that serves a city.

Ruleset change : Roads and railways to be built in every square that services a 

Ruleset change : Objective - All a nations cities should be connected by roads 
and railways.

Also some AI cities are isolated and not properly connected to the other cities 
in the same nation.

Ruleset change: Priority build is road and railway link to another city in the 
same nation.


AI cities are almost built anywhere, they build too close to each other and on 
inappropriate squares.

Ruleset change : An AI city cannot be built which encroaches upon another city 
in the same nation.

Ruleset change : Different levels of square are given city suitability values 
for AI city build purposes.  The good build squares (Plains and Grasslands) 
should have a much higher value than bad build squares (mountains and deserts).

Ruleset change : If a locality is suitable to AI city build, then the decision 
as to where to build is decided by the highest suitability value square in the 

Ruleset change : Cities cannot be built on mountains.

Ruleset change : unless unable to do so, all cities should have irrigation and 
farming in the city itself as soon as possible.

Terrain development

AI terrain development is sometimes just wrong.  For example, hills always seem 
to get mines, even if they have a special resource (such as wine) whilst 
mountains don't seem to get anything (not even roads).  Also AI terrain 
development is sometimes useless by being outside any city's domain.

Ruleset change : development of AI terrain should have basic rules set as 
follows (all developed tiles to have road and railways);

Outside any city domain : none except roads/railways to connect cities.

Forest : none other

Plains : Irrigation & farming

Grasslands : Irrigation & farming

Deserts (with oil) - mining

Deserts (without oil) - irrigation & farming

Mountains : mines

Hills - irrigation & farming

Swamps (with resources) - no other

Swamps (without resources) - irrigation & farming

Jungle (with resources) - no other

Jungle (without resources) - irrigation & farming.

Tundra - irrigation and farming

Ice sheet - mining

Ruleset change : Development starts in closest undeveloped square to the city 
itself once the population of that city has occupied up all other developed 
squares of that city

Just some ideas to get on with !!!!!!
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