Follow-up Comment #4, patch #4812 (project freeciv):

I keep thinking about this issue.
In my opinion, a desired behavior for air units should allow the usual tactics
that we saw in WW2. It should be possible:
1) to send Bombers alone to weaken enemy cities.
2) to lose Bombers against enemy Fighters or SAM batteries, before or after
the attack.
3) to use Fighters to protect Bombers while attacking.
4) to use Fighters for air superiority missions against other Fighters.

In current civ2civ3 rules, Bombers use the bombardment ability, so they can
not die while attacking, unless they are killed the next turn. Also, they can
damage to every unit in the target tile when attacking.
In this case, I think fighters with fuel 1 and bonus to defense against air
units, would not be as effective as with default rules.

I'm going to test other alternatives:
- Fighters with fuel 2 (the only way I see to allow points 3 and 4 of my
desired list), and also bonus to defense against enemy Bombers.
- Air units with reduced movement points and the ability to be airlifted
between cities with Airport. (In my ToDo list for some time).
- Bombers that require one turn to be transformed into a unit that can use the
bombardment ability. (Actually, for long time I have wanted to test this
ability with all artillery units).


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