Marko Lindqvist writes:
> Follow-up Comment #16, bug #21576 (project freeciv):
> > Although curiously it doesn't show up here.
> Comment not showing up here and ticket open when it should be closed. While
> it's possible that I forget to close some ticket sometimes, this one seems
> like gna has had issues (and rolled back removing the commit comment and
> closing of the ticket?)

There was a Gna upgrade, I think around then, and for a while commit
messages stopped being linked to tickets.
I worked with people on #gna to fix the backlog for our project once it
was fixed for new commits; I thought we'd got them all, but maybe we
missed a few. Probably it doesn't indicate an ongoing issue.

As for ticket remaining open, my email archive of freeciv-dev has no
record of #21576 ever being closed, so I think that's human error.

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