Hello folks,

We don't seem to have any pressing reasons not to ship the first beta
for 2.5.0, so I plan to try to get the tarball out either next weekend
(19-20 July) or, failing that, at the end of July.

Current draft release notes are here:


As regards S2_5 translations: there won't be a string freeze, but all
updates are of course welcome.

I have just committed a large update to translations on S2_5 and trunk
to remove the large numbers of duplicate 'obsolete' strings that have
infested some of the translation files since the split.
(More detail than you need in <http://gna.org/patch/?4650>.)

There were also a few translations which were fresher on older branches
because I hadn't got around to copying them across; this has now been
fixed (es/ru S2_4 -> S2_5 and trunk; ko S2_5 -> trunk).

If you haven't started S2_5 yet, it's best to start with the fresh files
just uploaded to <http://www.cazfi.net/freeciv/translations/S2_5/> (a
similar update for S2_6 will follow soon).

If you _have_ started before this update, you can ignore it if that's
more convenient; it's similar to a "make update-po", and nothing will be
lost if you do so.

(Translations with recent activity -- pl and fr -- have not been

Areas with potentially volatile strings that you might want to leave
until last:
  client/gui-qt/ (due to bug #22314 / bug #22315)
  data/civ2civ3/ (changes expected under patch #4936)
(These probably won't be finalised until after beta1.)

People trying to test their extended nation translations on S2_5/trunk
may find that it doesn't work very well due to <http://gna.org/bugs/?22318>.
The fix for this should be committed to svn in a couple of days.

I'm aware the translator workflow for these new split translations is a
bit unclear; do feel free to ask about it.


We're also thinking of doing a stable 2.4.3 release soon, just to pick
up bugfixes and make it available for e.g. the next version of Debian. I
don't have a firm date for that (or its string freeze), but expect it to
be after 2.5.0-beta1.

However, there has been an unusually large amount of string changes and
additions since 2.4.2, so if you haven't looked at your S2_4 translation
recently, you might want to get started soon. cazfi.net is up to date
for S2_4 translations.

(If anyone wants to finish off S2_4 before starting on S2_5, we can push
any S2_4 updates into S2_5 split translations for the beta.)

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