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Could you please add a new nation "Austria-Hungary" to Free Civ? I have the
code below. The flag is also uploaded in svg format. Thank you. 


groups="Early Modern", "Modern", "European", "Core"
; /* TRANS: Legend for nation in "core" set */
legend=_("Austria-Hungary, also known as the Austro-Hungarian Empire or the
Dual Monarchy, \
was a constitutional union of the Empire of Austria and the Apostolic Kingdom
of Hungary, \
that existed from 1867 to 1918. The union was a result of the Compromise of
1867 \
that reformed the Austrian empire. It was ruled by the Habsburg emperor of
Austria, \
who was king of Hungary at the same time.\
Austria-Hungary was a multinational realm and one of the world's great powers.
It was \
geographically the second largest country in Europe, and the third most
At the end of World War I, the empire fell apart in 1918. The successive
nations were \
Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Poland, and Italy.")
leaders = {
 "name", "sex"; Full name/s in comment
 "Franz Joseph I", "Male"
 "Elisabeth", "Female"
 "Rudolf", "Male"
 "Stephanie", "Female"
 "Franz Ferdinand", "Male"
 "Sophie", "Female"
 "Karl I", "Male"
 "Zita", "Female"
 "Otto", "Male"
 "Regina", "Female"
 "Karl", "Male"
 "Francesca", "Female"
 "Ferdinand Zvonimir", "Male"
 "Friedrich Ferdinand von Beust", "Male"
 "Gyula Andrássy", "Male"
 "Heinrich Karl von Haymerle", "Male"
 "Gustav Kálnoky", "Male"
 "Agenor Gołuchowski", "Male"
 "Alois Lexa von Ährenthal", "Male"
 "Leopold Berchtold", "Male"
 "István Burián", "Male"
 "Ottokar Czernin", "Male"
 "Ferdinand Lobkowicz", "Male"

ruler_titles = {
 "government",      "male_title",            "female_title"
 "Despotism",       _("Archduke %s"),        _("Archduchess %s")
 "Monarchy",        _("Emperor %s"),          _("Empress %s")
 "Democracy",       _("Minister-President %s"),     
_("?female:Minister-President %s")
 "Fundamentalism",  _("Cardinal %s"),      _("Mother Superior %s")
 "Communism",       _("First Secretary %s"), _("?female:First Secretary %s")

flag_alt = "-"
style = "European"

conflicts_with  = "austrian", "holyroman", "hungarian", "tyrolean" 
civilwar_nations="hungarian", "czechoslovak", "yugoslav", "romanian",
"polish", "italian"
cities =
  "Wien (!ocean)",
  "Budapest" (!ocean),
  "Praha (!ocean)",
  "Trieste (ocean)",
  "Lwów (!ocean)",
  "Szeged (!ocean)",
  "Kraków (!ocean)",
  "Graz (!ocean)",
  "Brno (!ocean)",
  "Subotica (!ocean)",
  "Debrecen (!ocean)",
  "Czernowitz (!ocean)",
  "Pilsen (!ocean)",
  "Zagreb (!ocean)",
  "Bratislava (!ocean)",
  "Miskolc (!ocean)",
  "Temeswar (!ocean)",
  "Nagyvárad (!ocean)",
  "Linz (!ocean)",
  "Kecskemét  (!ocean)",
  "Rijeka  (ocean)",
  "Nagyvárad  (!ocean)",
  "Arad (!ocean)",
  "Kolozsvár (!ocean)",
  "Hódmezővásárhely (!ocean)",
  "Pola (ocean)",
  "Przemyśl (!ocean)",
  "Innsbruck (mountains, !ocean)",
  "Miskolc (!ocean)",
  "Sarajevo (!ocean)",
  "Karlsbad (mountains, !ocean)",
  "Pécs (!ocean)",
  "Ljubljana (!ocean)",
  "Budweis (!ocean)",
  "Győr (!ocean)",
  "Košice (!ocean)",
  "Brassó (!ocean)",
  "Aussig (!ocean)",
  "Békéscsaba (!ocean)",
  "Tarnów (!ocean)",
  "Reichenberg (!ocean)",
  "Salzburg (mountains, !ocean)",
  "Sopron (!ocean)",
  "Sankt Pölten (!ocean)",
  "Szatmárnémeti (!ocean)",
  "Tarnopol (!ocean)",
  "Hermannstadt (mountains, !ocean)",
  "Stanisławów (!ocean)",
  "Wiener Neustadt (!ocean)",
  "Jihlava (!ocean)",
  "Gorizia (ocean)",
  "Troppau (!ocean)",
  "Trento (mountains, !ocean)",
  "Leoben (!ocean)",
  "Klagenfurt (!ocean)",
  "Maribor (!ocean)",
  "Villach (!ocean)",
  "Zara (ocean)",
  "Stryj (!ocean)",
  "Eger (!ocean)",
  "Iglau (!ocean)",
  "Marosvásárhely (!ocean)",
  "Drohobych (!ocean)",
  "Jarosław (!ocean)",
  "Split (ocean)",
  "Teschen (!ocean)",
  "Olmütz (!ocean)",
  "Bozen (mountains, !ocean)",
  "Meran (mountains !ocean)",
  "Reschitz (!ocean)",
  "Krems (!ocean)",
  "Olmütz (!ocean)",
  "Krk (ocean)",
  "Šibenik (ocean)",
  "Baden (!ocean)",
  "Gottschee (!ocean)",
  "Znaim (!ocean)",
  "Bielitz (!ocean)",
  "Dubrovnik (ocean)",
  "Steyr (!ocean)",
  "Kroměříž (!ocean)",
  "Mostar (!ocean)",
  "Rădăuți (!ocean)",
  "Banja Luka (!ocean)",
  "Suceava (!ocean)",
  "Nagybánya (!ocean)",
  "Ruvèigno (ocean)",
  "Bistritz (!ocean)",
  "Feldkirch (!ocean)",
  "Rovereto (!ocean)",
  "Tuzla (!ocean)",
  "Alba Iulia (!ocean)",
  "Bad Ischl (mountains, !ocean)",
  "Zilah (!ocean)",
  "Bjelina (!ocean)",
  "Brixen (mountains, !ocean)",
  "Friedek (!ocean)",
  "Bregenz (ocean)",
  "Mürzzuschlag (!ocean)",
  "Câmpulung (!ocean)",
  "Sepsiszentgyörgy (!ocean)",
  "Deva (!ocean)",
  "Hallein (!ocean)",
  "Sereth (!ocean)",
  "Eisenerz  (mountains, !ocean)",
  "Sankt Veit  (!ocean)",
  "Zenica (!ocean)",
  "Eisenstadt (swamp, !ocean)",
  "Travnik (!ocean)",
  "Freiwaldau (!ocean)",
  "Cilli (!ocean)",
  "Kufstein (mountains, !ocean)",
  "Umag" (ocean)",
  "Lienz (mountains, !ocean)",
  "Bludenz (ocean!)",
  "Saalfelden (!ocean)",
  "Gura Humora (!ocean)",
  "Prijedor (!ocean)",
  "Uherské Hradiště (!ocean)",
  "Reichenau an der Rax (!ocean)",
  "Grado (ocean)",
  "Waidhofen a. d. Ybbs (!ocean)",
  "Pettau (!ocean)",
  "Cattaro (ocean)",
  "Gradisca (!ocean)",
  "Bad Gastein (mountains, !ocean)",
  "Poreč (ocean)",
  "Freistadt (!ocean)",
  "Abbazia (ocean)",
  "Csíkszereda (!ocean)",
  "Aquileia (ocean)",
  "Trogir (ocean)",
  "Macarsca (ocean)",
  "Kranj (!ocean)"


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Date: Mon 14 Jul 2014 10:57:03 AM UTC  Name: Austria-Hungary.svg  Size: 30kB  
By: kangxi
Please see attached the flag


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