Follow-up Comment #1, bug #22340 (project freeciv):

> in stable branches we need to hardcode it so that barbarians 
> (any barbarian type) do not get initial buildings?
This would be relatively easy: transfer_city() now has a "build_free"
argument, which unit_enter_city() could conditionalise on whether the
conqueror is a barbarian. That way they don't get a palace in their first

After that I think 'savepalace' will not build a new palace as the barbarian
loses cities, as it only moves small wonders that already exist. Since the
barbarians should never found a city, have one transferred by treaty, etc,
that should leave them generally without a palace.

I had sort of assumed that barbarians not getting a palace was accidental,
since the code for gameloss_style="Barbarians" carefully gave the barbarians a
palace (and still does). But on reflection, the gameloss_style behaviour is
new, whereas the transfer_city() behaviour is age-old, so probably the former
was wrong.

(There is also an argument that conquering one's first city giving a free
palace even for normal players might be controversial; narratively it's a
little peculiar. If we want that ruleset-conditionalised then we need to come
up with a behaviour for when such a player *does* get their free Palace and
other initial buildings; is it from their first Settler-founded city? Surely
we don't penalise them by never giving them free stuff.)


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