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Follow-up Comment #5:

Assuming it's safe to use UTF-8, done for trunk, as three patches:

diacritical-hint-cleanups.patch adds more diacriticals hints for Göktürk in
hephthalite.ruleset (the Göktürks "crushed"the Hephthalites in our history),
for Juárez in mexico.ruleset (we spelled his name correctly in
zapotec.ruleset), and adusting the hint in salvadoran.ruleset so that Unicode
matches Latin 1 (preferring the orthography selected in the Wikipedia article
about El Salvador).

add-en_US-translation.patch adds support for en_US to our translations, and
adds .po files for all the translation domains, with appropriate diacritical

add-en_GB-diacriticals.patch adds all the diacriticals added in en_US to the
current trunk en_GB translation (no other updates were applied to en_GB).

I don't know how much of this should be backported to S2_5 or S2_4, but would
be happy to backport it, given direction.  Also, while I'm up for providing
and committing the initial en_US translation, my personal orthography isn't
precisely en_US, so I'm unlikely to be a good maintainer if there are needs
for changes beyond the restoration of diacriticals.

(file #21457, file #21458)

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