Update of bug #22359 (project freeciv):

                 Summary: Infinite loop in pick_random_tech => Infinite loop
in choose_random_tech()


Follow-up Comment #5:

I'm not understanding the recent changes to techs well enough to know the
right answer, but there's an infinite loop available in choose_random_tech()
when choose_tech() fails to set a research target (as it does when passed an
unresearchable target).  This patch worked for me, but I'm not at all
confident it's right, so won't even consider putting it in SVN (although
anyone else is welcome to swipe it if they understand the situation and like
this solution).  It may be useful to folk running public servers who want to
avoid this issue (but it may break other things: I don't know).

--- a/server/techtools.c
+++ b/server/techtools.c
@@ -924,7 +924,11 @@ void choose_random_tech(struct player *plr)
   struct research* research = research_get(plr);
   do {
-    choose_tech(plr, pick_random_tech(plr));
+    Tech_type_id tech = pick_random_tech(plr);
+    choose_tech(plr, tech);
+    if (research_invention_state(research, tech) != TECH_PREREQS_KNOWN) {
+      break;
+    }
   } while (research->researching == A_UNSET);

    Despite the backtraces, the call to pick_random_tech() where the
interruptions happen is always from choose_random_tech(), and
pick_random_tech() is iterating properly over all available advances, and
returning, and re-interating when called again (I did reproduce this several
times with instrumented builds to confirm this).


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