Update of bug #22341 (project freeciv):

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Follow-up Comment #7:

Fix attached to remove crashes and failed assertions.

> it seems like that would potentially require a lot of changes
> to cover all the cases where there is a lookup-by-name for
> script-provided data

Only extra|road|base code seems problematic.

> On the specific bindings: this is probably best implemented by
> providing per-ruleset lua with ruleset-specific bindings (as
> has_fortress() is just a call to has_base("Fortress")), which
> might be a sensible separate patch.


> Part of the problem is the documentation for the has_base
> command says that it takes a name but doesn't explain what
> that name is so it's hard for the user to figure out what to
> put.

I have just expanded the documentation on wikia.

(file #21479, file #21480, file #21481)

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