Follow-up Comment #5, patch #4812 (project freeciv):

New patch with some additional adjustments:

- Increased fuel of all Air units by one.
- All Air units lose 10% of HPs, like helicopters, when they end out of a city
or airbase.
- Increased range of Cruise Missiles to 16, so it is greater than movement of
Stealth Fighters (and same than Nuclear Missiles).
+ Missiles and Air units can be Airlifted and do not impose ZOC.

About the other ideas:
>Fighters with bonus to defense against enemy Bombers. 
I have not added the defense bonuses against bombers because I do not see it
effective when bombers use the bombardment ability like they do in this

>Bombers that require one turn to be transformed into a unit that can use the
bombardment ability.
I have not liked when bombers can be killed before they attack. They are too
expensive to risk such attacks, unless they are protected by land units,
something that I do not like to encourage.

>Air units with reduced movement points and the ability to be airlifted
between cities with Airport.
I have not reduced the movement points (even when fuel was increased), because
I think air units should seem as fast as land units, and Tanks can move up to
18 tiles (with railroad) in one turn, compared to 16 of missiles, and 14 of
modern fighters.

I made them Airliftable because it makes sense to me that air units can move
from airport to airport as fast as land units too.

It is hard to predict all the consecuences of this patch, but I think the
resultant tactics will be similar to those I mentioned in previous post:
1) and 2) Bombers can be used alone to weaken enemy cities and pillage
infrastructure, but can be destroyed by enemy fighters after the attack. If
the bombardment attack was unsuccesfull, it would be similar than being
destroyed before the attack.
3) A Fighter placed in the same tile than a Bomber makes it less vulnerable
against enemy fighters. Chances are that you reduce the average loses in this
4) If Fighters end the turn inside cities or airfileds, they are vulnerable to
bombardment attacks.
If they end the turn in air, they can be attacked by enemy fighters, and their
HPs is reduced by 10%, so there is a little advantage for the attacker.

(file #21491)

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