Follow-up Comment #11, bug #22187 (project freeciv):

Would also need patch #3900 (and follow-up bugfixes there), and possibly more
(depending on dependencies found following that stack).  I think it's probably
relatively safe to leave this unimplemented for S2_5.  The AI may try to
disembark impossibly once in a while, but except when the beachhead is
invalid, this should not cause issues.  Player GoTo may appear allowed, and
the player get a message as if they had used a keyboard move command, but
that's just a minor UI point.

Note that it *may* be worth short-circuiting this in the client, so that if a
unit can't disembark, it cannot be given GoTo orders and the keyboard commands
provide feedback directly in the client, rather than a round-trip to the
server, but that's a different sort of fix than described by the patch series
in question.


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