Follow-up Comment #5, bug #22374 (project freeciv):

>on a river tile in enemy territory land units ignore the river and travel on
the terrain, but triremes ignore the terrain and travel on the river.
The way it sounds seems realistic to me. The land units require extra
infrastructure in order to move in river, but triremes don't.

About gameplay, I played this way my latest game and I like it.
Triremes will advance by river at same rate than by coast, but they will be
stopped by enemy units and they will be vulnerable to land attacks, while
loaded units will be able to perform fast disembarks.

I admit there are things about movement of triremes on river that I do not
like, but it is a cool feature that I would like to keep, that allows to
recreate some paths of the viking invasions. I'm interested to hear
alternative implementations though.

>should restrictinfra affect nativity?
I personally like to see big land units being able to move in enemy roaded
My opinion is that units should move slower in enemy territory, and I like to
play with restricted movements, but I also think that enemy roads should not
be completely useless, and rules should allow the tactic to pillage your own
roads to stop the advance of enemy units at certains rough terrains like
mountains passes/tunnels or river bridges.

Something that I miss is the possibility that extras/roads can break the
nativity for certain units. My wish would be to make that wheeled units can
not move to rivers unless roaded, and triremes can move on rivers only when
not roaded.


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