Follow-up Comment #3, patch #4995 (project freeciv):

On reflection, I'm not sure that my use of "tool" is semantically ideal there.
 Perhaps "faculties" or "facilities" would have been better.  Generally
speaking, I believe a tool to be anything that when used, eases a task, but I
suspect narrower meanings are more useful (and in the sense of a software
project, a "tool" is probably best considered as a separate executable).

Excellent point about freeciv-ruledit: as the call to
action_enabler_append_hard() happens at ruleset load, loading and saving a
ruleset with freeciv-ruledit is likely to cause duplicate requirements on
reload: a quick test of loading classic, saving it, and loading the saved
ruleset fails to load, and reports all sorts of assertion failures.  Looking
at the saved data, the hardcoded requirements appear to be present.


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