Update of patch #4997 (project freeciv):

              Depends on:                         => patch #4671            


Follow-up Comment #1:

Added patch #4671 (move the source tile limits to the ruleset) as a


In patch #4995 Emmet Hikory <persia> wrote: _I'm unsure whether having that in
a requirements vector is better: it makes it easier to write help or set the
action dialog content in the UI for humans, but the AI will still benefit from
hardcoding here (because it's not worth checking for a unit that can create an
embassy or where it might go unless there is a lack of embassy with the
target), but the current AI is omniscient, so doesn't really care about
embassies, making this matter less._
Depends on the AI's knowledge source. An AI that has hard coded knowledge that
creating an embassy when one already exists is pointless won't need it. An AI
that get its (initial) domain knowledge from the rules will benefit from it.

_Also, the fix affects also freeciv-manual, which might not be what we want_
It isn't. I could have introduced a new argument "read only" (perhaps change
save_script?) to make it work as wanted in freeciv-manual. Based on how
unpopular action_enabler_append_hard() appears to be the least invasive
solution (only loading it when playing) looked better.


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