Follow-up Comment #1, patch #5006 (project freeciv):

For trunk, using requirement_fulfilled_by_unit() and extension of the relevant
requirements vectors can address irrigation, mining, farmland, and road/rail
(can this unit mine?  If so, can it produce any of the EC_MINE extras?, etc.).
 Removing fallout/pollution probably needs more effort (this doesn't have a

I have some ideas of the shape of a solution for S2_5, but nothing firm yet
(I'm not yet convinced we want to backport universal_fulfills_requirement(),
although that's an easy way to solve the problem).

I'd really rather do this without introducing nreqs anywhere (more nreqs in
2.5 means more unlearning ruleset authors need for 2.6, and introducing new
nreqs in 2.6 when we still haven't finished cleaning up from having removed
the effects nreqs seems like asking for trouble).

I'm busy for the next few days, but would be happy to take this ticket
afterwards, if nobody else has already, since I've recently been working on
both helpdata and requirements parsing.


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