Summary: Idea: False flag operations
                 Project: Freeciv
            Submitted by: sveinung
            Submitted on: Wed 20 Aug 2014 09:32:27 AM UTC
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Use cases:
 * I want to steal Mobile Warfare from my peaceful neighbor. I don't want to
ruing our relationship. My enemy just stole Mobile Warfare from my neighbor
but gave it to me? How convenient!
 * I want to provoke a currently neutral player into attacking my enemy. My
enemy just poisoned one of his cities? How convenient!
 * I want to take my neighbor's remaining cities so I can have the continent
alone. He is so weak that I could overrun him in 1 turn. My senate won't allow
me to declare war. My neighbor just sabotaged my Settler? I think this is a
Casus Belli. How convenient!

A false flag is an extra dice roll before the real action is performed. If the
roll fails it will cause an incident with both the intended target and the
player you tried to blame. If it is a success the other rolls of the action go
on as they would it nothing had changed.
 * If a false flag is possible is controlled by an effect. If its value is 0
(or below) it's impossible. If the value is 1 it is possible to blame the
barbarians/pirates/hackers/terrorists. If its value is 1 (or above) it is
possible to blame another player.
 * The chance of not being revealed during the false flag roll is controlled
by another effect.
 * UI: checkbox in spy action dialog. Alternative: extra action option called
"False Flag" that, if a success, will make the next action blamed on someone


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