On 23 August 2014 19:51, Matthias Basler <matthiasbas...@earthflight.org> wrote:
> Hi freeciv developers.
> I just  want to report a bug which I encountered in FreeCiv 2.4 beta and
> 2.4.3 alike und Windows 7, 64 bit, German, in single-player mode (local
> server):
> This bug is 100% reproducable:
> 1. Start or load and start a saved game.
> 2. Quit the game (but not the application)
> 3. Load and start a saved game
> 4. Quit the game (but not the application)
> 5. Load and start a saved game
> 6. Quit the game (but not the application)
> 7. Load and start a saved game (for the fourth time)
> Freeciv will now crash. See attached screenshot.
> ----
> Speaking of bugs - there is another nasty one:
> Whenever I try to save a game with special characters in them, such as
> Umlauts (ä,ö,ü) or question mark, the game will quietly not be saved.
> Instead Freeciv seems to continue "normally", but at the end of the round
> (when pressing  "Done!") the game crashes as well. This is also 100%
> reproducable.
> ----
> And there is a small glitch:
> In the city window, on the "Production" tab, if I change the order of two
> different items selected for production, which results in a different item
> being produced right now, the production progress bar doesn't update. It
> still shows the progress for the previously ordered item. See second
> screenshot.
> Matthias Basler
> matthiasbas...@earthflight.org

 Thank you for reporting these, but could you please report them (as 3
separate reports) to our bugtracker so we can keep track of them and
they won't get forgotten as "one email once sent to the mailing list":

-  ML

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