Follow-up Comment #1, bug #22282 (project freeciv):

I wondered about just adding fc_strerror(fc_get_errno()) to the string.

However, on Windows, that turns into FormatMessage(GetLastError()),
effectively. This isn't appropriate for errors returned by iconv, which I
think sets the real errno (which is separate from GetLastError()) and thus
should have the real system strerror() called on it. (I think Windows has an
EILSEQ/EINVAL etc so should be able to provide useful strings for it.)

Nearby we have

    /* TRANS: "Could not convert text from <encoding a> to <encoding b>:" 
     *        <externally translated error string>."*/
    fprintf(stderr, _("Could not convert text from %s to %s: %s"),
            from, to, fc_strerror(fc_get_errno()));

which I think will currently do the Wrong Thing on Windows (should it ever
occur), so should be fixed at the same time.

However, I can't test Windows builds, so I'm not confident making these

(I guess we probably get away with calling fc_strerror() after fopen() etc
because that probably also sets the error code retrieved from GetLastError()
as well as the POSIX-y errno? But I don't think the third-party iconv library
will do so, or at least I've found no evidence in the source code.)


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