Follow-up Comment #2, patch #4390 (project freeciv):

> This does mean that scenario authors can't specify how latitude 
> is to be evaluated for their scenarios. A fully general
> solution would be to allow latitude to be specified per-tile, 
> but that's probably not worth the hassle.
A simple solution would be to have a scenario property 'latitude', which
defaults to the sentinel value used by map generation without latitude, but
can be manually set to a single value by scenario authors (so a Scandinavian
scenario might be devoid of Solar Plants).

Might want some UI for latitude if ruleset effects depend on it, maybe in the
middle-click popup (plus perhaps a way to hide it for rulesets where it
doesn't matter, to avoid clutter).

(I'm ignoring the possibility of a longitude requirement. About the only use
for it I can think of would be a Ragged Astronauts
<> scenario.)


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