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        First off, let me apologize for not catching this thread sooner.  The 
freeciv project has been so busy that i have quite a few unread messages yet.  
It's a great problem to have!

> Ryan P.C. McQuen writes:
>> i was wondering if packages would be built for the 2.4.x series and if i
>> could help in some way. :)
> None of the current maintainers have Mac OS X, so we don't currently
> plan to release any new Mac OS X packages, I'm afraid.
> If you want to help, refreshing
> <http://www.freeciv.org/wiki/Install-MacOSX> with clear and up-to-date
> instructions for people seeking to run Freeciv on the Mac OS would be a
> very useful start! I've tweaked it slightly based on conversations with
> Mac users, but really I haven't got a clue about Macs.

        Yeah, i'll take a look at that soonish.

> I guess that preparing .dmg style packages like we used to have (and
> being able to prepare new ones on demand when we make releases) would
> also be useful? (If they are still a thing on current versions of the
> Mac OS, and easier to use than "MacPorts"?)
> (The old ones we had seemed to depend on the version of the Mac OS
> running on the maintainer's machine at a minimum, though, which didn't
> seem ideal.)

        Once Upon A Time i set out to attempt such an independent build.  It 
was impractical at the time for a few reasons:

1) Even to build a single client, there is a relatively large quantity of 
dependencies for Freeciv.  I kept missing things, and ended up relying upon a 
package management system to do the grunt work.

2) Those dependencies that offer binaries for Mac OS do so in the 'framework' 
format, which our build tools know nothing about.  I was able to modify the 
sdl.m4 script to detect the main SDL framework, but different linker flags are 
going to be needed to use it.  Thus, we're pretty much forced to compile 
*everything* from scratch.

3) The gnome/GTK stuff in particular is a PITA on Mac OS.

        So, anyway, there's my list of excuses.  I will consider myself to have 
been given a 'round tuit' and attempt the stand-alone package again. In the 
meanwhile, Freeciv 2.4.2 is available through both Fink and MacPorts.  Neither 
is as simple as a double-click, but then neither is harder than "install 
freeciv".  Note that i am a member of the Fink project, and am biased in that 

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