Summary: 2.5.0-beta1 city selection window scroll issue
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            Submitted on: Wed 27 Aug 2014 18:22:42 UTC
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In a game with a large number of cities, within the "Cities" selection (F4) if
you action such as press "Buy" often the window scrolls to an illogical

I realise the code must re-sort the cities according to the last selected sort
order. There are then two possible logical behaviours which occur until the
number of cities goes above a couple of hundred (maybe the "magic" 255 but I
didn't take note, sorry):

1) The window re-sorts and moves the city you have just changed, leaving the
scroll position more-or-less as it was (so if 1/2 way down it's still about
1/2 way down).
2) The window "follows" the changed city and displays that more-or-less in the
middle of the scroll area (I confess not being able to remember how to
reproduce this behaviour).

But when the number of cities goes above a magic maximum, the window will
often scroll to neither of those two logical positions.

Example #1:
My current game has 363 cities. I build a granary immediately after founding
each city. The following turn I sort the cities by "Currently Building" and
scroll down to the granary group (maybe a dozen cities) then "Buy" all the
granaries. Until fairly recently all that happened in the Cities window was
that the city may move to the bottom of the group, but since then the window
always scrolls up a screen-full or so.

Example #2:
With this same game, I sort my cities by "Pol" (I know you know that's
pollution!), then for the worst offenders I buy a relevant anti-pollution
improvement. If I sort ascending so that the biggest polluters are at the
bottom when I buy each improvement the window scrolls up alarmingly - 1/3 of
the way down from the top maybe! The target city will still be at the bottom
of the window of course.

If the selection is at the top of the window this behaviour does not occur, so
in Example #2 if I change so the sort is descending with the offenders at the
top there is no illogical scrolling.

I attach an example save file for your delectation


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