Dear Sir,

I just learned about your freeciv game.
Perhaps that you might be interested in making a mod of your game,
focused on "economical warfare". By this I mean making a mod that
incorporates both the latest/high-end military equipment (vehicles,
artillery, fighter planes, ...), as well as "outdated" cheap military
equipment. I think that even "outdated"/cheap military equipment can
still have a big effect on the battlefield, if used correctly (ie use
of bomber planes in areas without airplane defenses, artillery against
airplane defenses, ground attack aircraft vs tanks, ...)

I was wondering whether perhaps you might make such a mod, or at least
propose the making of such a mod on your website (no need to mention
me). I added a document in which I gave some more info. The mod would
need to take place in the modern age (current year), yet incorporate
equipment of upto 60-70 years ago.

Perhaps that you might even gather sume funding for making the mod
from organisations like,, ...


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