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Follow-up Comment #5:

Here is a very rough prototype of this feature for trunk. I'd be very
interested what people think.

Major restrictions of this prototype:
* Gtk2 only (and other clients are probably broken).
* Distinction between fortress/airbase UI is lost (both Shift+F/E and menu
items do the same thing).
** If we want to keep this then the distinction has to become an extra_cause,
I think.
* Only covers extra creation, not removal (pollution/pillage etc).
* Not very discoverable (menu items don't list "R, 3" style shortcuts -- and
it doesn't like like GtkAccelLabel can be abused to do so)
* Pop-up obscures view (just like caravan/diplomat dialog).
** I think correct fix is to find a solution for all these "choice_dialogs"
(maybe an option to put it in the unit display area of the main window? Would
only work for large displays)

Discovered consequences of this design:
* Currently you can use non-keypad number keys to move units (added in r1351
<http://svn.gna.org/viewcvs/freeciv?revision=1351&view=revision>); with this
design, you won't be able to do that any more (nor can you use keypad to
choose extras).
* With multiple units selected, and "Mine" activity, where some units can
build extras and others convert terrain, need to decide how to present this.
I've brought conversion into the pop-up menu (special key "0" =>
mine/irrigation can only cause 9 extras each)
* Current version complains if you define more extras in ruleset than there
are keys available. Alternative is that these are only reachable from menus.
(The latter will probably be necessary to enable pillage selection to move to
this system, as otherwise it'll likely have >10 options.)

Ways to test without changing rulesets:
* classic ruleset: Since fortress/airbase are merged, arrange to have
Construction+Radio and press Shift+F or Shift+E on suitable unit/terrain.
* classic ruleset: Select multiple units on different terrains where one has
mine extra and other has conversion (e.g. Forest, Hills), press M.
* alien ruleset: Native Engineer on radiating terrain with Strong Resistance
known, press R (choice of Road and Tunnel).

I would have liked to get this in 2.5, but the extra rework on trunk makes it
sufficiently much easier that I think it's only going to appear in 2.6 at the
earliest. So rulesets with lots of choices of roads won't really be practical
in 2.5.

(file #21962)

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