Follow-up Comment #21, bug #22567 (project freeciv):

Civ4 had Jaguar units as the Aztec special unit.  It was a warrior that moved
2 spaces instead of 1.  Solving the problem by making specific units might be
a better approach as far as getting an AI to understand it.  Allowing all
units to move faster seems rather overpowered.  There's some precedent in
SMAC, where if you achieved Elite experience you got bonus movement.  Typical
Spartan strategy was to massively train units so that they would be Elite. 
Such units are extremely powerful.  I don't think having an option to just
"flip a switch" to get that kind of benefit is a good game design at all. 
There should be some kind of significant cost or delay to get that kind of
capability.  Otherwise what you'll have is a goofy game where the Tribal
faction always wins.


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