Follow-up Comment #3, bug #22621 (project freeciv):

>We can also fix that bug. I guess you mean for defense?
Yes, I mean what cazfi said in bug #22567:

>"The cvi2civ3 movement bonus thing needs thinking. The problem is in the
granularity used when calculating how soon enemy can conquer the city (i.e.,
if it can take over the city immediately, one has to get defenders NOW). In
S2_4 all the units of the same unit class are treated equal, e.g., movement
bonuses that apply only to unit type or single unit are ignored. >I'm not sure
what's the situation in trunk after pepeto's patches. I can't recall whether
it made to S2_5 already, or if I implemented it trunk only, but there used to
be an improvement that also the owner of the unit matters (earlier all were
treated as owned by the defender)
>So if the tribal movement gives bonus to entire unit class, it should
actually be ok in trunk, but not in S2_4 (government is player-wide property
so it doesn't differ between units of the same player)."

Even if the AI bugs are fixed, I'm not liking how the extra movement could
encourage rush attacks, as pointed by bvanevery, and it might be good to
change it to veterancy bonus anyway, if people like the idea.


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