Follow-up Comment #1, patch #5231 (project freeciv):

Does this patch affect just how goto lines are presented in the UI, or other
things too?

About the UI: I remember having this discussion a long time ago, after which
we settled on the current behaviour. I'll try to dig out what was said, but
I'm nervous about changing this behaviour (and would like it to have its own
ticket). Certainly it's not ideal to change the existing numbers to mean
something different to what they do currently in a new release; this will
confuse long-time players.

One example where the current behaviour wins is if your unit's potential
movement is restricted (by ZoC or whatever). With this style of UI, you in
general find the limita unit's of movement this turn by finding the point
where 0 changes to 1; if the goto line for the current unit happens to be able
to go up exactly to the limit of your movement, you can discover this with the
old system and not with the new one (because 0-with-moves-left looks like

Probably the way to resolve this is to have three distinct visual states near
the movement boundary:
* 0 turns (and you have some movement left)
* 0 turns (and you used the last of your MP this turn)
* 1 turn (and you have some movement left)
* ...

That is, have some symbol or notation for "used up movement points" (or the
reverse). Not sure what that would be though.

(I also have a vague idea of optionally displaying the limit of the current
unit's movement this turn as an outline on the map; that would make it clearer
where the limit it. Does pathfinding make this easy by constructing the whole
map? New ticket, if so.)


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