I had a look into the arrangements for AI tax rate limits recently.
I think there may be several bugs here that want addressing for 2.5.0,
but I'm not sure what the intent is, hence this post before raising

I don't know why it's this complex; I haven't looked at Gna history for
rationale for why Hard gets its bonus one way and Cheating another.
Are we in the middle of a slow transition? With things the way they are,
I wouldn't be surprised if there are bugs that mean the lower AI levels
sometimes end up cheating.

(This is all based on code reading, not testing.)

There are several levels of behaviour here:

 * At a low level, player_limit_to_max_rates() is hardcoded to let any
   AI player set any tax rate. There are other places where
   ai_controlled is checked wrt taxes (e.g. finish_revolution()).
   (Should this be replaced with a check for H_RATES?)

 * However, there's an AI-level-specific "handicap" called H_RATES which
   looks like it prevents AI from requesting rates greater than the
   ruleset-defined Max_Rates effect (which typically depends on
   government). I think AI levels with this behaviour will not cheat in
   this way.
   (Mapping defined in handicap_of_skill_level(), can't be influenced by
   ruleset or server configuration. Do we still need this given the

 * A third level to consider is that the value of the Max_Rates effect
   can depend on AI level in a ruleset-dependent way.
   This was added in 2.5 to give ruleset authors control over cheating AI
   behaviour: <http://gna.org/bugs/?18232>.
   However, we didn't do the same to Hard AI for some reason.
   All our rulesets include an ai_effects.ruleset which gives Cheating
   AI unlimited taxes, *except* civ2civ3, which doesn't include any
   ai_effects.ruleset (maybe it should? It has some AI effects directly
   in effects.ruleset). So in civ2civ3, "Hard" AI has more advantage
   than "Cheating" AI, which can't cheat on taxes?

The net effect of all this:

                H_RATES   Max_Rates (classic)    Net max rate
Away            yes       -                      ruleset
Novice          yes       -                      ruleset
Easy            yes       -                      ruleset
Normal          yes       -                      ruleset
Hard            no        -                      unlimited
Cheating (2.5+) yes       +100%                  unlimited (except civ2civ3)
Experimental    no        -                      unlimited

(The original reason I looked into this was that I was concerned that
'/away' might allow a human player to benefit from the AI's use of
unlimited rates while the AI had control. But I don't think so; indeed
most of the cheating options seem to be disabled for the 'away' level

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