Follow-up Comment #3, bug #22782 (project freeciv):

> Darwin's voyage has the opposite effect on shared techs: 
> It will only work for one of the players that share tech.
...because that player (and hence team) gets the "Theory of Evolution" tech
the first time the signal fires, so the fact that the script signal fires
multiple times doesn't matter. So no bug there. Good.

We could fix this by inventing a similar marker tech for Philosophy. This
breaks savegame compatibility, though, so we can't use it to fix the
regression on S2_4; IMO we could just about get away with it on S2_5 if we fix
before beta2.

Otherwise I'm not sure how to fix it on stable branches. Lua has no access to
knowledge of which players share research or are even on the same team. The
least worst fix might be to invent Lua methods for finding this sort of thing
out and live with the fact that rulesets which use them won't be backward
compatible with 2.4.3 and prior; the only ruleset I know that needs it,
multiplayer, will naturally be of the same version as the Freeciv engine.

On unstable branches, should we make the Lua tech interface explicitly refer
to research teams rather than players, by adding a first-class "Research"
object? This would be a backward-incompatible change.


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