Update of bug #22783 (project freeciv):

         Planned Release:                         => 2.4.4, 2.5.0-beta2, 2.6.0


Follow-up Comment #7:

> The 2.6 situation: With your save game it is shown. With the 
> attached save game it isn't shown.
Looking at found_new_tech(), it only announces a tech if the player was
already researching it, so in the case of free techs, it depends on the next
tech selection.

In my savegame, there was no goal, so next tech selection was random. I
suspect the difference in behaviour is down to differences in random tech

This is messy; really whether a tech is announced should depend on whether it
was script-generated etc, and the "scientists choose to research" stuff
handled separately (ideally, emitting one message after a flurry of
discoveries finishes).

That would be a separate ticket though. In the meantime, patch #5355, which is
worded carefully so as not to depend on whether the tech was announced, seems
like a fine solution (although it makes bug #22782 even more obvious).


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