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Follow-up Comment #2:

Darn, I wrote this patch before noticing that pepeto had taken the ticket.
pepeto, feel free to steal it back for further work.

>From the comments, these are the new criteria as of this patch (2, 5, and 6
are my new conditions):

0 Transports which have orders, or are on transports with orders, are less
preferable to transport stacks without orders (to avoid loading on units that
are just passing through); else
0 Transports which are idle are preferable (giving players some control over
loading) -- this does not check transports of transports; else
0 Transports from which the cargo could unload at any time are preferable to
those where the cargo can only disembark in cities/bases; else
0 Transports which are less deeply nested are preferable; else
0 Transport stacks where the outermost transport has more moves left are
preferable (if we're loading now, presumably it's the outermost transport
that's about to move); else
0 Direct transports with more moves left are preferable.

Of these (2) might be the most controversial. I thought it was worth giving
users control over which transport was chosen (as I said in patch #4982, but I
was wrong that it was already possible). Note that this doesn't stop automatic
pathfinding using sentried pontoon bridges etc.

Also: I think that as of patch #4982, the lexicographic ordering was not as
intended; depending on the order of the units on the tile, I think depth might
trump has_orders, which I don't think was intended.
Attached patch also fixes this, but the code is quite ugly. I couldn't think
of a nice idiomatic way to express this kind of comparison in C.

(file #22666, file #22667)

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