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Thank you for your help very much!

Notes on your patch:
* we don't need to have an array [2] for boolean 'allow_prereqs' because it is
not supposed to be modified in the body of the function;
* as we are looking for the first FALSE return, then it is useless to cache
the results.

When working, I noticed a possible bug: e.g. when an advance as a self-rooted
technology as parent (not root), the tech is marked as reachable, even if its
parent isn't. I think this was supposed to work with the HACK in
server/ruleset.c. But a tech may requires many roots (through parents).

My patches include the fix for that bug. It shortcuts the deep introspection
when a tech is known. It also removes the usage of recursive calls for

(file #22674, file #22675)

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